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Ingrid Obled brings to light a humanity in its essential state—a world in-depth. The heart of her research resides in diverse subject matter: when an individual is faced with an extreme experience, what does he or she reveal?
She creates immersive installations; experiences to be lived outside the limits of time or space. Her working medium consists of speech that she collects by conducting interviews. Composition through words, through sounds, through the senses—a polyphonic composition. Through this process she reveals a reality stripped of objectivity where the essence of our own interior resonates.
In parallel to her artistic and humanistic research, she creates another dimension in her work by diffusing sound not through speakers but through physical material. She is currently working with using paper in collaboration on a technical innovation by Gilles Douziech.
/ Text extract from programm of contemporary art festival + si affinité… AFIAC 2013 / Valérie Mazouin, Artistic director of the art centre La Chapelle Saint-Jacques et exhibition co-commissaire for AFIAC 2013
 Translation by Darla Murphy “This artist assimilates her everyday environment to create parallel yet autonomous moments. She quietly appropriates her sonic surroundings with an unabashed enjoyment. Words and phrases together spin stories which she reworks into a collection of memories, their accumulation creating a music. She compiles and constructs with persistence. She relentlessly seeks the dramatic recount of turmoils and uncertainties, of joys and love. Together, these moments produce a key element that becomes an unexpected ingredient in her sound work. Ingrid Obled endeavors to collect turbulent minds, she feeds on musical mumurations to weave indefinite landscapes. Her questioning and research are driven by implicit unstableness. This work in motion stirs an awakening and reveals the imperceptible susurration of human lives.”
Original text in french “Cette artiste saisit l’espace du quotidien, construit des temps parallèles, autonomes. Elle y prend un plaisir sans gêne et subtilise sans qu’on y prenne garde notre environnement sonore. Les mots et les paroles fabriquent des histoires qu’elle détourne pour une collecte de mémoires dont l’accumulation dessine une musique. Elle empile et construit avec obstination. Elle s’initie, sans relâche, au spectaculaire récit des doutes et des tourments, des amours et des joies. Les moments produisent alors l’instant capital devenu improbable ingrédient de l’oeuvre sonore. Ingrid Obled s’emploie à collecter de bruyants esprits, se repaît de musicaux bruissements pour fabriquer des paysages incertains. L’ombre de l’instable affirme la recherche et le questionnement. Ce travail en mouvement souhaite l’éveil pour révéler l’imperceptible chuchotement des vies.”


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