Completing a conservatory education in 2002 in double bass and electro-acoustic composition, Ingrid Obled is   the 2006 laureate of the international competition, Musica Viva,  in Lisbon. Her composition Si je regarde (if I look), is performed at the Franco-Portuguese institute, and is released in 2007 on the label Miso Record. In 2010, Soundlence is included as part of a collective installation in the Berardo Collection Museum in Belèm.
From 2013 to 2016, she plays double bass for the project Tülü, led by composer Pierre Redon, including a ten-date tour in Colombia  in 2017. Upon her return, she creates solo for nyckelharpa, double bass and  looper solo, with gains professional support from Les Musicophages.
Ingrid Obled experiments music and sound in various forms, free from conventional frameworks, using multi phonic sound diffusion, acoustic : in multiphony on several loudspeakers, installations, live concerts in both traditional and atypical settings (forests, private homes, etc). 
Her installation creations come from sound recordings : she collects a melting pot of sounds and since 2011, she uses spoken voices through interviews, opening also a new dimension to her composition : the meaning of words as musical substance.
She creates parallel spaces where reference points like place and time give way to a more poetic and intimate universe; a communion, a timeless experience.
Creations on the edge of musical anthropology, deep and humanist.
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