a different sun


un autre soleil / a different sun – Artistic creation in hospital // 2017-2018  
Funding Program by the DRAC Occitanie – Culture in hospitals
Partnership with the palliative care unit of Saint Gaudens Hospital
and the contemporary art center La Maison Salvan in Labège – France
/ Synopsis /
We live in a world where the idea of death and disease is frightening. Many of us turn away from these difficult questions. But what is at the heart of this humanity? What words do we use to describe it? What words describe the deeper experiences felt by a medical team, of a patient or of his or her entourage?
Ingrid Obled’s proposal is working in the hospital with patients, their families, friends, and staff around this particular experience of nearness to disease, whether it be serious, minor, progressive, stable, or terminal. The initial phase of the project will be to initiate encounters; then, to begin collecting sounds as well as speech.
We all bear importance for one another; every life is precious. In order to convey this, Ingrid Obled intends to weave together recorded hospital sounds as well as voice audio, while still respecting intimacy of each and the “too personal”.

/ Working Process /
Ingrid Obled brings to light a humanity in its essential state—a world in-depth. The heart of her research resides in diverse subject matter: when an individual is faced with an extreme experience, what does he or she reveal?
She creates immersive installations; experiences to be lived outside the limits of time or space. Her working medium consists of speech that she collects by conducting interviews. Composition through words, through sounds, through the senses—a polyphonic composition. Through this process she reveals a reality stripped of objectivity where the essence of our own interior resonates.
In parallel to her artistic and humanistic research, she creates another dimension in her work by diffusing sound not through speakers but through physical material. She is currently working with using paper in collaboration on a technical innovation by Gilles Douziech.