solo nyckelharpa – double bass – loopers


a blue dive in the depths of the Universe, reaching out to the stellar whales…

Feel the wind of particles. Open the door, dive into the Universe; you are suspended in the architecture of space where time bends.

musical exploration

In this musical journey, Ingrid Obled explores the lesser-known instrument which is the nyckelharpa. Pushing past the confines of traditional playing, she exploits the rich array of sounds this traditional Swedish viol has to offer.
Combined with the double bass with the help of loopers and effects pedals – at times distorted or in its pure form – the individual voices of the instruments are interwoven with electroacoustic sounds.

The fusion of the sound sources and the entanglement of different patterns create a world within which space and time fade away.

We will always find the same questions at the heart of her work – What is reality? Is it this place that connects us to a much larger inner realm; beyond stories, time, space, and ideas…?
All constructions dissolve and we are left with a vibrant voyage which unfolds from the depths of our being; a dive into a timeless experience.

the albums: a trilogy
3rd album Where it leads (upcoming in 2023) / 2nd album light bursts (released on the 15th December 2022) / 1st album solo 29’56’ ‘ 7’25’ ‘ 9’57‘ ‘ (released on the 21st December 2018)
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2nd album ‘light bursts’
1st album solo 29’56’’ 7’25’’ 9’57’’

2nd album light bursts

light bursts, released on the 15th December 2022, is the 2nd part of a trilogy. The 1st solo album 29’56’ ‘ 7’25’ ‘ 9’57’ ‘ designated both the coordinates of an imaginary place and the time of the 3 tracks. With this 2nd album, we take off from this imaginary place in the direction of the world of stellar whales. Light bursts is a sound path, a march towards the 3rd album which will be released in 2023, a 3rd album which will dive us totally into the world of the stellar whales.

6 tracks: the first 3 tracks of the album are live from concerts and the last 3 were made in studio. 

1 solo 29’56’’ 7’25’’ 9’57’’ part III (with birds dancing) nyckelharpa, looper and birds • 7’53’’ • 2022 • stereo live recording in L’Idiot, Chênehutte 2 light bursts • nyckelharpa and looper • 7’14 • 2022 • stereo live recording by Why Note–Ici l’Onde in Interface, Dijon 3 solo 29’56’’ 7’25’’ 9’57’’ part I bis • nyckelharpa and looper • 5’29 • 2018 • stereo live recording in Le Bascala, Bruguières 4 index 01 • nyckelharpa, double bass, looper and kobol’s sounds • 3’24 • 2019 5 star breath • nyckelharpa, looper and kobol’s sounds • 2’10 2020 6 the wisdom of stellar whales • nyckelharpa, double bass and looper • 4’01 • 2022

the wisdom of stellar whales (extract) / nyckelharpa, double bass and loopers

NO WHALE’S SOUND AND NO TRANSFORMATION All the sounds you hear are played by me with my nyckelharpa and my double bass

1st album solo 29’56’ ‘ 7’25’ ‘ 9’57‘ ‘

Cathedral music – illumination of an architectural landscape, a vibrant voyage that unfolds from the depths of our being, a dive into an experience outside of time
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avec la participation d’éOle, studio de création musicale

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