my journey

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Stellar Music

a blue dive in the depths of the Universe, reaching out to the stellar whales…

Feel the wind of particles. Open the door, dive into the Universe; you are suspended in the architecture of space where time bends.

my journey
When I was a little girl, I dreamed of being an astronaut and going to the stars; and at night I would sneak out. There was a big tree in our garden and I would climb up into its branches, just to look at the sky. Now I do what inspires me, I play and create music. Even though it doesn’t take the form I had imagined, I feel that when I play and share music, I go to other much larger worlds and it also connects me to those much larger worlds that I can bring back here.

Using my connection to the stellar whales, I create music with the colours of other worlds. Within these strange, yet familiar sounds are hidden codes. These codes spread through my music like stardust, allowing everyone to grasp and remember their subtle connection to their own constellation.

my musical journey

After having completed her classical music studies in 2005 in double bass and electroacoustic composition, Ingrid Obled was 2006 laureate of the international competition musica viva, in Lisbon. Her composition ‘Si je regarde (if I look)’, was performed at the Franco-Portuguese institute, and released in 2007 on the label Miso Records.

In both traditional and atypical settings (forests, private homes, etc), she’s constantly experimenting with music and sound: in art contemporary (the piece Soundlence as part of a collective installation in the Berardo Collection Museum in Belèm, Portugal in 2010; Filaments, installation for AFIAC et + si affinité… festival in 2013; and Travel between two worlds, installation in Les Bazis in 2016). As double bassist with the project Tülü, led by composer Pierre Redon (Touring in Colombia in 2017, Shanghai in 2019, and France in 2021). And since 2020, for the project TIO – Toulouse Improvisers Orchestra created by the GMEA (National Center for Musical creation in Albi, France)… And she created her solo nyckelharpa, double bass, and loopers. Her third solo album where it leads will be released in 2023.

Her approach questions reality and what connects us – through her installations where she records interviews; using words and their meanings as musical substance, and through her music; by transforming musical instruments and digital tools.

She creates parallel spaces where reference points like place and time give way to a more poetic and intimate universe; a communion, a timeless experience.

Deep and humanistic creations on the thresold of musical anthropology.

credit photo Tomáš Malík