my journey


Blue diving in the depths of the Universe

Feel the wind of particles. Open the door, dive into the Universe; you are suspended in the architecture of space where time bends.

Alien life

Ingrid Obled is from another galaxy. To other people, she seems human. She had to forget many things to live her new life but her memories are sometimes stirred by science fiction movies or books. However she’s just here to experience human life and create music.

Her music contains hidden codes for humanity.

Human life

After having completed a classical music education in 2002 in double bass and electro-acoustic composition, Ingrid Obled was 2006 laureate of the international competition, Musica Viva, in Lisbon. Her composition Si je regarde (if I look), was performed at the Franco-Portuguese institute, and released in 2007 on the label Miso Records.

In both traditional and atypical settings (forests, private homes, etc), she experiments with music and sound : in art contemporary (Soundlence included as part of a collective installation in the Berardo Collection Museum in Belèm, Portugal in 2010; Filaments for AFIAC for et + si affinité… festival in 2013; Travel between two worlds in Les Basis in 2016), double bass player for the project Tülü, led by composer Pierre Redon (Tour in Colombia in 2017, in Shanghai in 2019 and in France in 2021); since 2020, including musician from the project TIO – Toulouse Improvisers Orchestra created by the GMEA… In 2017, she created a solo for nyckelharpa, double bass and looper. Her second album solo will be released in 2022.

Her approach questions reality and what connects us, through her installation creations by using spoken voices from interviews, opening a new dimension to her composition: words and their meanings as musical substance, and through her music by turning musical instruments and digital tools.

She creates parallel spaces where reference points like place and time give way to a more poetic and intimate universe; a communion, a timeless experience.

Deep and humanistic creations on the edge of musical anthropology.

credit photo Tomáš Malík