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After university studies in social sciences – psychology department – and studies at the conservatory in double bass and in electroacoustic music composition, Ingrid Obled is, in 2006, Prize winner of the international electroacoustic music competition Música Viva in Lisbon – Portugal and her composition Si je regarde / When I look is pubished by the label Miso Records in 2007.
She composes music in different ways : concerts, performances, in acoustic, in multiphony on several loudspeakers, installations in contemporary art… in conventional or atypic places (in forests, abode…). She composes and improvises with sound textures without hierarchy in the sources.
She creates parallel spaces where temporality signs and places disappear to lead to a deep, poetic, hypnotic universe risen from silences and whispers, highlighting the tiny and imperceptible…
Her creations come from sound recordings : she collects a melting pot of sounds and since 2011, she uses spoken voices through interviews, opening also a new dimension to her composition : the meaning of words as musical substance.
Creations on the edge of musical anthropology, deep and humanist.
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