journey between two worlds


/ Synopsis /
A journey in search of a humanity, in search of our own humanity. Journey between two worlds / Traversée entre deux mondes suggests the existence of a deeper world beyond social and media representations, beyond perfection standards, beyond the illusion of separation from one another.
What can result from one experiencing an intense transformation? What changes occur in a person’s reality?
Through interviewing individuals, Ingrid Obled gathers words as well as meaning. She then uses the collected speech to create compositions. The resulting text, in its non-objectiveness, resonates in our own interior by acting as a kind of mirror. It encapsulates the strength found in trust as well as its fragile depth.
Traversée entre deux mondes is an immersive installation, an experience to be felt. A suspended world of polyphonic voices, all in paper and light.
The installation was born through these encounters dedicated to listening, allowing people to recount their story, as well as through research in audio emission through paper.
Four flat paper speakers, technological innovations conceived and patented for the installation by Gilles Douziech, are concealed throughout the space.
/ Working Process /
Ingrid Obled brings to light a humanity in its essential state—a world in-depth. The heart of her research resides in diverse subject matter: when an individual is faced with an extreme experience, what does he or she reveal?
She creates immersive installations; experiences to be lived outside the limits of time or space. Her working medium consists of speech that she collects by conducting interviews. Composition through words, through sounds, through the senses—a polyphonic composition. Through this process she reveals a reality stripped of objectivity where the essence of our own interior resonates.
In parallel to her artistic and humanistic research, she creates another dimension in her work by diffusing sound not through speakers but through physical material. She is currently working with using paper in collaboration on a technical innovation by Gilles Douziech.