Voyage entre deux mondes


Voyage entre deux mondes / Travel between two worlds – extract 1 (please listen with headphones)

Creation in the Son Miré festival in 2013 september, in the Fabrezan’s Chapel (Aude) on a 8 loudspeakers – France

Sound creation performed with sound recordings : interviews and other differents sounds. Voyage entre deux mondes / Travel between two worlds is an inside trip very strong, intim and bashful in our materiality and in our other multiple dimensions impalpable. Immerse also in the poetic and delicacy human, naked of any factual, let us to enter to this travel and send back us, by a mirror effect, to our own existence.

Texte extract from programm of Son Miré festival (11) – France

About the sound installation Voyage entre deux mondes / Travel between two worlds

“Texts are very beautiful, voices very sensitive and their recordings have a powerful presence. The invitation proposed is rich in emotion, in meaning. Instrumental and electroacoustic sounds add to it all a beautiful depth, their relatively static evolution is a strong and undertook position in composition that gets the listener to concentrate on voices, texts, meaning and music emerging.”

Bruno Capelle, artist composer

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